About Me

A little bit about myself, for many years I was neglecting my health, wealth and relationships… …I always had a reason for why things didn’t worked out the way I thought or hoped it would be and should be….It’s what I like to call these days a wimp.

At some point I’ve decided that enough is enough, I need to take control over my life or else I might wake up one day at my deathbed and ask the most destructive question: “what if…”

I started to adopt the mentality of ‘we only live once’ so we better do all the things we want while we still can, so I knew I had to start experimenting, NO REGRETS! That’s the spirit.

Then I asked myself, “where to start?”, I had plenty of issues already in all areas of life, health, wealth, love and relationships….you name it.

I then got my answer in the form of a question while reading a book (“The ONE Thing”), and the question is, “what’s the one thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”, I took some alteration to that question and asked myself “what’s the one thing I can start doing Right Now that will get the ball rolling to my success and be happy?”.

I then realized that I was a very lazy guy, the second thing I realized is that the first thing I need to tackle is my health, I must maximize it and feel good for once, so I started to research, what king of exercise, for lazy people, can I start with? What kind of foods should I put in myself and what kind of foods should I avoid? And after a while, once I started to see results, to actually gain muscle, be fit and Feel GOOD, I then thought, “How can make it better and easier?”

I then had a realization that there must be some core elements, that if you have them right, everything else will fall into the right place. That’s when my research on the subject introduced me to the importance of testosterone. This is a hormone, you’ve probably all heard about by now, but I guarantee that you didn’t knew that it has an important role in helping maintaining:

  • Your bone density
  • Your muscle strength and mass
  • Your facial and body hair
  • Your fat distribution
  • Your red blood cell production
  • Your sex drive and sperm production

The sad part is that most of us have low T-Levels in our bodies and even sadder is that after a certain age, the older we get the less testosterone our body produces….

This is primarily why I started this blog, and I hope you find the information here useful and if you’re new to this blog then I suggest you checking out these articles I did, I share there the knowledge I got and the methods I use and that work even if you’re lazy:

==> http://bit.ly/2lXLgov

I really hope that this will be the day for you that in a few years from now, you’ll look back and remember this moment as a life changing event. I assume that if you got here it’s probably because you want to change and improve yourself, but you only lack the tools and knowledge to do it, so I doing my best here and I hope the same for you on your end.

I wish you the best of luck,